How to work with me

Supercharge Your Breakthrough Marketing with:


On-Demand Consulting

Custom Group Accelerator 

Personalized Training & Education



Getting new customers and growing your, or your client or group's, business online takes a long-term big-picture vision, solid planning, simple systems and a long-lasting strategic approach. I help you with organic advisory services when you need to:



improve messaging on site and social, optimize messaging for sales presentations, grow email lists, pitch decks, map ideal customer journey for sales, train how to use the right tools, optimize site for more optins and sales leads, create sales funnels and lead magnets, promote events online, expand global markets…..and more!


Power Hour 1-on-1



One hour intensive video call. Let’s get you focused and productive! Strategy to work on anything you need for your online business, at any level working from wherever you are. Pick your #1 issue and get pointed in the right direction to get un-stuck and assess your exact needs. I can help evaluate, equip or empower you so that you can power up your online business skills and profitability.


We’ll unpack your ideas and where you are getting stuck to find a clear plan of action to take you forward. Get clarity, action plans, over-the-shoulder screen sharing, training, demos or anything you need.


Included: recording of the call, and 7 days of unlimited followup messaging.


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Site & Online Presence Review


Review of website and all social profiles, including social networks and other channels. Prep for paid advertising, growing your email list, maximizing opportunities for opt-ins, optimizing customer journey. This is a custom, hands-on evaluation, subjective writing, not a machine analysis. 


You’ll receive a customized report that covers on-page suggestions to improve marketing, as well as tips for a stronger customer path from acquisition to followup. A prioritized task list at the end lets you know what improvements to tackle first and next. After the Evaluation Report has been delivered, we’ll schedule a consultation to answer your questions and prioritize next steps.


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Custom Group Accelerator



Need to drive things forward, stay accountable and consistent? This 6-month hybrid group coaching program is not for novices but to walk with a group of level peers having the same goals. Join anytime, it's all online. Work on your 6-month Action Plan together.


Help you grow, gain clarity, make more informed decisions from others that have been there. Reduce the timeframe it takes to get results. Extra brainpower on hard issues, seeing how others handle similar situations. Walk with you, be a resource.


Work through any challenges, and everyone participates. Get supported and challenged to uplevel as each member is encouraged and supported.


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Got challenges? Have questions? I'm ready for them.