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For over 20 years I have helped organizations worldwide reach their customer growth goals. From optimizing marketing strategy, building business cases, growing digital assets or messaging for your ideal target market, I design scalable solutions according to your needs so you’re able to stay one step ahead of your competitors with guidance and training for:




A clear path to drive organic growth


Effective messaging that commmunicates with purpose


Clear and comprehensive sales paths for your customers

Maybe you are not getting the results you want (despite trying lots of different marketing).


You feel like your brand gets "lost" among your competitors.


You have a plan but struggle with implementation and need a trustworthy "coach" to hold you accountable.



Do you feel like your business is stuck in 1st gear?


When you work with a competent analyst - Your job just gets easier!

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Stop struggling!


From big-picture strategy to roadmap plans to tactical guidance. You just need the right guide to make it easier.



Strategy & Advisory Services

Evaluate your positioning. Assess online presence. Diagnose gaps and needs. Set plans and goals. Determine opportunities, grow mindset. Decide on timelines and planning.

Effective Brand Messaging 


Empower. Understand customer-centric processes. Get content systems in place. Build out touchpoints. Leverage digital assets. Find best tools and resources. 

Skills Training


Equip. Boost your team with stronger marketing and business skills for more visibility and audience impact. Grow customers. Find accountability. Automate processes. Grow toolset to scale.








Experienced strategic marketing consultant

Business coach

Direct response guru

7x seasoned entrepreneur

Pioneer in e-book sales

Marketing instructor at NYU & Columbia


Sandra Lynn



Your Personal Business Analyst




Hi I’m Sandra. I’m an industry veteran with a few clients you might recognize:


Brookstone, People Magazine, Guess Watches, and several of the Shark Tank hosts


My passion is really working with all types of entrepreneurs around the world.


I can get you pointed in the right direction!


Flexible Marketing Solutions that


Evaluate *  Equip *  Empower





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Let's diagnose your situation, and get your pointed in the right direction with an Action Plan call. You know where you are at and you are ready to break through with a custom Plan that cuts through the clutter and get you results quicker. MORE


On-Demand Strategy


Senior-level business and marketing leadership with flexible on-demand pricing options. Add expertise, thought leadership, additional power to accelerate your performance, and get more done, faster.  MORE


Skills Training

& Resources


Whether you need to learn some new business or marketing skills or have staff to train, we have many free resources or custom training and packages, to fit your needs. Join our Group if you are looking for a community of engaged, intentional people working on marketing and business skills like you. Join Group to share in free training.

Powering up businesses and conversations


I paid avid attention to every step of her process. She reviewed my current online presence and then systematically explained what needed changed, upgraded, reworked and revamped. Her precision with the details and the behind the scenes issues brought me to a new level of professional marketing that propelled my brand into a powerhouse.

~~ Becky, RebeccaJerrod Coaching